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Denver newspapers announce merger

Staff report

Two competing newspapers that cover Lincoln County’s eastern end have merged.
According to an article by Denver Weekly, news@norman, which was established in 1999 by Ken and Anna Fortenberry, has merged with Denver Weekly of the Lake Norman Publications group. At this time, Craig A. Moon serves as the president of Newsman LLC, with Justin Vick serving as Denver Weekly’s executive editor.
“Merging the newspapers not only makes good business sense, it makes sense for the community,” Fortenberry said in an article.
“One financially strong newspaper is in a much better position to help lead this community than two competing papers, and I believe the citizens and the business community will be much better served in the long term by this decision.”
According to Denver Weekly, Newsman LLC will continue to mail papers to news@norman subscribers until their expiration dates.
“Craig Moon is one of the most experienced and respected newspaper publishers in the country, and we believe we are placing news@norman in very able hands,”Fortenberry said.
In the Denver Weekly article, Moon said that Fortenberry will become editor emeritus of the new combined paper and will continue to write a weekly column and occasional stories. Anna Fortenberry is expected to occasionally be called upon to write feature stories.
“Anna and I are very proud of the work we did with news@norman and are grateful to our loyal readers and advertisers for their support for the past 15 years,” Fortenberry wrote.
“We have made some wonderful friends, and believe we have made a positive difference in Lincoln County, but it’s time for us to take a break and enjoy life.”
Neither Fortenberry nor Moon responded to requests for comment.

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