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Hospice deserves community support

Grief and death have no barriers. At some point they can intrude into every person’s life, regardless of age, race, social status or wealth. A strong faith and friends help people through the challenging time at the end of life of a family member or someone close. But in Lincoln County, we are so fortunate to have an organization that also helps us through this most difficult time – hospice. The staff and volunteers of hospice guide and comfort us as we grieve over how to best care for our loved one in the final days of life on this earth. The cost of hospice service has never been a deterrent in helping families cope with the approaching death of a loved one. It does take money to provide this service, however, and that is why hospice is making an appeal to all the citizens of Lincoln County to donate. The Timken Foundation has graciously offered to match every dollar we raise locally, up to $50,000. On top of that, if we raise $50,000, they will give us another $50,000. What an opportunity for us! We must raise this money by July 31, so the time is short. Please send your donations to Hospice, 900 Donita Drive, Lincolnton. You never know if you might be the next person to need hospice.
Jerry W. Cochrane

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