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Escape the heat with good entertainment

Guest Columnist

Well, folks, it’s officially summer. We wanted it to hurry up and get here and wipe out all that cold, damp weather.
Now all we have to do is fan, chase mosquitos and complain about the heat. But some will be planning a vacation away from work, household chores and getting the little ones off to school.
I remember getting ready for a trip to the beach when the children were small. It took the week before to get ready and the week after to put things back in order.
I always wanted things back in order or I was grumpy until they were. Now I wonder why that seemed to be so important.
I was not that fond of a beach vacation. With fair skin and blue eyes, I couldn’t stay near the water with the crowd. I usually cooked, napped or read a book while others seemed to be having more fun.
Today I must confess — I liked napping and reading more than that blistering heat. But I paid the price for the little time I spent outdoors, whether I was on the farm or at the beach.
Skin cancer keeps popping up today, as we become more aware of what that scaly bump really is. I was reading recently about what to look for and where they usually are found. Face and hands are more likely to become affected.
Guess what? I have had both. Plastic surgery some years back took care of the one on my face and today my right hand is wrapped waiting for the thin skin to grow around the wound where one was removed.
Today, dermatologists can spot one as small as a pinhead. They’ll spray your face and make it peel off those little troublemakers. And they will fuss if you haven’t been taking better care of yourself.
The years will wreak havoc on skin, bones and other body parts whatever we have been exposed to.
But isn’t it wonderful to watch a stage full of youth dancing and singing, with all parts cooperating.
That’s what I saw Sunday afternoon when Footloose, the musical, played at the Lincoln Cultural Center.
I’m always amazed at the talent Lincoln County has when the Theatre Guild brings these live theatrical performances here.
I find it hard to follow the story while watching those limber bodies in action, with voices that match their role on stage.
I want to seek out and thank the production crew along with the actors because someone out there was at work putting this successful show on stage.
I’m not the only one who likes Sunday afternoon performances. Almost a full house gave those young performers plenty of applause. They earned it and will return to stage this weekend for more shows.
If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss the chance to support those who work hard at getting those talented people on stage.
You can escape the afternoon heat, and the entertainment is good too.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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