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Schools announce new administration hires

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Starting July 1, several Lincoln County Schools administrators will begin the transition to their newly appointed administrative positions.
According to a press release on the school system’s website, two new district administrators have been hired for the 2014-2015 school year. Deanna Finger will be serving as the new director of federal programs, and Scott Powell will be serving as the new director of financial operations.
Three current school administrators have also been promoted to district administration positions. Dr. Cale Sain, principal of West Lincoln High School, will now serves as both the director of career and technical education and the principal of the Lincoln County School of Technology.
According to Sain, he has worked with Lincoln County Schools for the past 16 years. He served as the assistant principal of Love Memorial Elementary School from 2003-2004 and as the assistant principal for Lincolnton High School from 2004-2008. From there, Sain was appointed to serve at East Lincoln High School as its principal from 2008-2011, and began his leadership at West Lincoln High School as principal during the 2011-2012 school year.
While Sain is looking forward to his new roles within the school system, leaving his position at West Lincoln High School is bittersweet, and he anticipates he will face several challenges at his new positions.
“As the director of career-technical education, the challenges are two-fold: continue to grow our partnerships with local industries and businesses and ensuring that Lincoln County Schools continue to graduate students with the requisite skills to move into technical/vocational careers (particularly in Lincoln County) or continue their education at the community colleges or technical schools,” he said. “As the principal of LCST, the school should continue to provide an exciting and transformative experience for LCS students who are interested in Career-Technical education and for those who are interested in technical careers. Additionally, we must be aware of the latest business/industry trends so we can then adapt our program and curricular offerings to meet the needs of our students and local businesses.”
Dr. Rhonda Hager, formerly serving as the director of middle school instruction, will now serve as the assistant superintendent for curriculum.
West Lincoln Middle School principal Diana Carpenter will now serve as the director of middle school instruction.
An 18-year veteran of Lincoln County Schools, Carpenter has served as a principal for the past 14 years, four of which have been spent as the principal of West Lincoln Middle School.
“I have always been interested in the development and authentic implementation of middle school philosophy,” she said. “This position will allow me to be further involved in curriculum implementation and development of the middle school philosophy.”
Carpenter believes her greatest challenge in her new role as director will be finding a way to balance both curriculum needs and state mandates. She added that her work as a school principal has allowed her to experience all aspects of school leadership, which will help her to understand the specific support needed by students, staff and principals.
Five current school principals will serve a new school of students this fall. Tim Beam, formerly the principal at North Brook Elementary School, has been appointed as the new principal at West Lincoln Middle School. Scott Carpenter, formerly the principal of Lincolnton Middle School, has been appointed as the new principal at Battleground Elementary School. Jim Heffner, formerly the principal at Battleground Elementary School, has been appointed as the new principal for North Brook Elementary School. Chris Kolasinski, formerly the principal at North Lincoln Middle School, will now serve as the principal at Love Memorial Elementary School. Formerly the principal of Pumpkin Center Intermediate School, Dr. Misha Rogers will now serve as the principal of North Lincoln Middle School.
Four assistant principals have been appointed to principal positions throughout the county. Former Iron Station Elementary School assistant principal Marie Ashford will now serve as the principal at Pumpkin Center Intermediate. According to Ashford, she has served the county’s school system for almost a decade. Prior to her two years as the assistant principal for Iron Station, Ashford spent five years as the assistant principal at Rock Springs Elementary.
For Ashford, the decision to apply for a principal position grew from an eagerness to tackle new challenges and continue her professional growth.
“Moving into more of an instructional role to ensure that teachers and students have what they need to reach their full potential, I believe, will be my biggest challenge,” she said. “Having seven years of experience as an assistant principal, I have encountered many different situations that make me confident I will be able to have a more active role in student achievement. I am very excited to be joining the Pumpkin Center Intermediate family but will miss everyone at Iron Station.”
West Lincoln Middle School assistant principal Dana Ayers is also transitioning to a new school. This school year, she will serve as the principal of Lincolnton Middle School. According to Ayers, she has spent her entire 15-year career as an educator with Lincoln County Schools, four of which most recently have been served as the assistant principal at West Lincoln.
“After finishing my Masters in School Administration in 2008, I knew I wanted to be (a) principal,” Ayers said. “The principal position at Lincolnton Middle is the next logical position in my career. I taught at Lincolnton Middle before I took on my (assistant principal) position. Lincolnton Middle offers me an opportunity to lead both staff and students in a positive manner as well as challenge to consistently improve instruction for the success of LMS.”
Former North Brook Elementary assistant principal Shanti Clancy will now serve as the principal of St. James Elementary. Clancy has worked with the school system for the past 12 years. During her first eight years, she worked as a teacher at S. Ray Lowder Elementary and Rock Springs Elementary before beginning her four-year stint as the North Brook Elementary assistant principal. According to Clancy, she believed that it was time for new challenges and responsibilities.
“I am ready to be a primary decision maker within the building,” she said. “I hope to be able to carry on the school’s legacy, and I believe senior leadership chose me to carry on this tradition.”
Former West Lincoln High School assistant principal Brian Clary has been appointed to serve as the principal of West Lincoln High. He did not respond to the email inquiry from the Times-News prior to publication.

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