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Keep the spiders away while we celebrate

Guest columnist

The week was a good one even though a giant, saucer-size Wolf spider was found in my carport. I dislike spiders and this was the biggest one I have ever seen.
I keep wondering, where did it come from? How long has it been here? Did it arrive on Friday the 13th? And is his or her mate close by? Does it have a family moving in? Not only will I have to watch my step, I now have to closely look over the walls and floor.
This one was taken care of, but I keep wondering if it has a brother nearby. No longer will I be carefree when going after the paper before good daylight.
Well, at least it didn’t interfere with our Father’s Day plans. Any day is almost a celebration when my family comes. Lots of home-cooked food and many hugs and kisses from the little one makes for a good day.
We are so fortunate to be together. We count our blessings and try not to take each other for granted, because life is short even when lived long.
The week’s tribute to fathers always awakens long-ago memories of my own dad. Like every other bit of life, I’ve watched the role of father change over the years. If you didn’t know your dad, you missed a good part of growing up.
My dad, like all others, was a bit different. But he was mine and I learned he was no better nor worse than others of the day. He surely found it hard to say he loved me, because after he moved to Florida for his last 30 years, when I ended my call with I love you, he would say “me too.”
That was good enough for me.
Linda Dedmon, president of Lincoln County Democratic Women, outdid herself when planning last week’s meeting. She certainly knows how to bring them in. A full house was there for the meeting themed “Memories from Past Presidents of the Lincoln County Democratic Women.”
She planned the program in celebration of the 52 years of the organization. Many past presidents attended, along with Charlesanna Leatherman, who served as the first one and was very active in writing the bylaws for the group.
Dedmon not only managed to bring some older members back, her program called for special music by Lincolnton’s own Carolyn Heafner, who has performed before many grand audiences, but never more warmly welcomed. Her accompanist, Loretta Beam, is well known around here and always welcome.
We visited this week with my only surviving aunt, who now spends her days in the nursing center. This woman is 90-plus years old and very alert but unable to live alone. She isn’t by herself as there are many others who seemed to be keeping her company.
The center is clean, colorful and organized for the comfort of those living there. And I’m always amazed at the number of elderly folks who reside there.
This center and others around are adding more rooms getting ready for the influx of senior citizens that will soon need extended care. And we know for most of us, it’s only a matter of time.
Well, the spider is gone, father’s day is over, Democrat women seem to be getting stronger and it looks as if there will be plenty of room when we need to move into the new nursing centers.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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