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Reader’s Forum — 6-18-14

Don’t move county offices out of downtown
I would like to bring to the attention of our people the mistake of putting $17 million into the old hospital building and moving the county offices out of downtown. Look what has occurred in the towns that have done this, and then they wonder what happened. In most cases, they killed the town.
The first thousands will be spent on studies — we need outsiders to tell us what to do? If the county has $17 million, why not spend it downtown? The restaurants and small businesses that are brave enough to operate downtown need all the traffic possible, not less.
The hospital building possibly could be sold or leased. It would be an excellent location for a VA clinic or charter school? I am aware that mental health services is in need of space. If you cannot put them in the building next to the hospital, I am sure there are other options. Think how downtown will look with more buildings that are vacant. You may as well take a shovel and bury it.
I beg our commissioners to take pride in making the city a viable place, not a ghost town. Please think before you destroy our heritage.
Cal your county commissioners and let them know how you feel.

Pris Mauney

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