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Officials warn about deed scam

Staff Writer

Several Lincoln County residents have fallen victim to a property deed scam that has been circulating across the state.
The email or mailed letter, titled “Deed Processing Notice,” lists the property owner’s name, address, parcel number, amount of sale as well as other public information regarding the property. It states that the local records office can provide a copy of the deed for $83, and that action must be taken quickly and to respond by a certain date.
“This type of scam has circulated a few times in the last several years and has started circulating again,” Register of Deeds Danny Hester said.
According to Hester, the property owner’s deed is kept on file at the Register of Deeds office in the county in which the property is located. From there, one can contact the office or locate the deed online and print it for free. If a certified copy is needed, Hester said, it only costs a few dollars.
“Most individuals pay attention to mailings that appear to have been sent by a government agency, so several variations of this scam are used on an ongoing basis,” he said. “Please don’t pay an unnecessary and enormous fee for something that you can obtain from your local Register of Deeds Office at little or no cost.”
Those interested in more information regarding this scam and the Register of Deeds Office should call (704) 736-8530 or visit their website, www.lincolncounty.org/rod, to search real estate records.

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