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My great-grandmother was a gypsy

Guest Columnist

Last week we were having some problems with out ATT-Uverse recorder and I called for service. Kevin Pitts, an ATT-Uverse employee, was sent to help me with my problem.
As with everyone else I meet, I asked him, “What is a moment you will never forget?”
He told me the following story:
My mother’s grandmother, Boona, was a gypsy from Romania. They were living in Detroit, Michigan when my mother was about 13 years old. My mother became seriously ill and after numerous treatments, the doctors told our family there was nothing more they could do for her and we were going to lose her.
Boona decided to try a gypsy remedy to see if she could improve my mother’s health. She went to my mother’s room, brought a shot glass with something liquid in it, said a few words over the glass, lit a match and dropped it into the shot glass. She handed this to my mother and told her to drink it, which she did. By the next day my mother was much better. She lived for many years following this and died in her 60s.
Boona never complained of any sort of medical symptoms for herself. She lived until she was 85 and died peacefully in her sleep. The coroner asked our family if she had mentioned any symptoms and he was told she had not. He told them she had a tumor the size of a baseball on the back of her head and she should have passed away years before this.
Paulette Ballard is a Lincoln Times-News guest columnist.

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