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First responders train for disasters


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Lincoln County first-responders teamed up Friday to practice preparedness drills for potential future radiological emergencies.
The two-day, 12-hour training session, hosted by Lincoln County Emergency Management (LCEM), took place at North 321 Fire Department, the county fire agency appointed for local emergency workers to undergo decontamination protocol, according to an LCEM press release.
Any first-responders or equipment exposed to radiation in an area emergency are required to respond to the northern Lincoln County fire agency for decontamination.
Forty emergency crew workers took part in the training, which included setting up and operating radiological monitoring equipment in addition to carrying out the decontamination drills.
Crews practiced getting exposed resources and personnel in and out of the fire agency quickly and back into the community to ensure residents’ protection, the release said.
A number of out-of-county agencies assisted in the training including the Metrolina State Medical Assistance Team (SMAT), an eight-man group of state medical professionals who provide manpower and resources — particularly worker rehabilitation and monitoring — within 90 minutes after an emergency occurs, Radiological Emergency Volunteer Corps (REVC), the North Carolina Radiation Protection Section (NCRPS), the N.C. Office of EMS (NCOEMS) and N.C. Public Health Preparedness and Response (NCPHP&R), the release said.
An additional group, the N.C. Team of Radiological Emergency Volunteers (TOREV), aided in the local drills. Volunteer first-responders from across the state comprise the agency and respond to any radiological emergency that occurs in North Carolina.

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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