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Commissioners to hold public hearing on budget

Staff Writer

Lincoln County residents will have the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed Fiscal Year 2015 Budget and CIP at the Board of Commissioners meeting tonight.
The Times-News previously reported on the board’s May 23 meeting, where they discussed several controversial items, such as the proposed changes to the Solid Waste program and the budget for Lincoln County Schools. The 727-page budget is available for perusal on the county’s website at www.lincolncounty.org.
County commissioners will hold a public hearing regarding a request for a conditional use permit to operate an outdoor recreation facility for paintball in the transitional residential district. Applicant John Bailey is requesting the permit for a proposed 30-acre site, located on the east side of Old Plank Road at Mariposa Road in the Catawba Springs Township. It is adjoined by property zoned transitional residential and neighborhood business, with land uses in the area including residential, agricultural, business and industrial. The property site is designated by the Lincoln County Land Use Plan as industrial.
Lincoln Economic Development Association’s business development manager Crystal Gettys is asking commissioners to consider a resolution to adopt the Industrial Incentive Grant for New Industry. A public hearing is also scheduled to discuss the agreement.
Public Works Director Don Chamblee is requesting commissioners approve a resolution regarding the 2012 Lincoln County Water System Local Water Supply Plan. According to the official motion, while the 2012 Local Water Supply Plan, submitted by Lincoln County Public Works, was approved by NCDENR on Jan. 27, a resolution was not requested by staff. Chamblee said in the document that the annual plan must be approved by the Board of Commissioners by adopting a resolution.
County commissioners will consider a proposal to construct an eastbound turn-lane on Optimist Club Road at the Airlie Parkway. According to Chamblee, the Optimist Club widening will be added to the Eaglewood contract for Airlie Phase II. The county currently has a contact for the property across from Airlie for a proposed solid waste convenience site. At this time, Eaglewood has estimated the additional costs for widening and overlaying the road for an eastbound turn lane to be $86,866.32.
The Board of Commissioners will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Citizens Center in Lincolnton.

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