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Memorial Day weekend a busy time

Guest Columnist

It was a very busy week at our house and I loved every minute of it. The family all came at one time or another.
Now it’s quiet, as they have all gone home.
The family princess celebrated her second birthday in an old-fashioned way, with lots of family watching.
There were many toys, balloons, bubbles, a tricycle and lots of new clothes. And plenty of birthday cake and ice cream.
She ignored most of these. Her favorite thing was to sound the horn in pop paw’s truck. We are very blessed to have such a loving family.
Our friends and neighbors stopping by add to our enjoyment. I don’t know any others who have friends that call and say they’re bringing supper. She says she likes to cook. They’re welcome anytime.
Our son, who is retired from the military now, came and stayed several days. Now, that was a real treat to have him in the house again. As was the weekend visit from our only granddaughter and her husband. That visit brought the great-grandson, who also wants to be in the truck.
The house is almost silent again and all the Virginia company and many others are home safe and sound.
The Memorial Day weekend opened memories about veterans and ways they served. Many events were planned to remind us of the sacrifice given.

The least we can do is pause and remember.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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