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Gaston County trio charged for theft from outbuilding

Antonio Maurice McClure, Quan Artavius Hoyle and Jessica Leah Whitehead

Antonio Maurice McClure, Quan Artavius Hoyle and Jessica Leah Whitehead

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Three Gaston County residents are accused of breaking into two storage buildings and a trailer Wednesday morning on the southeastern end of Lincoln County.
One of the suspects used a vehicle to injure the homeowner in the incident, deputies said.
The victim contacted the communications center around 4:30 a.m., after a neighbor spotted the trio on the nearby property, located in the 4700 block of Foxchase Lane in Alexis, according to an agency press release.
The neighbor said he heard noise at the nearby outbuilding and called the homeowner, deputies said.
The suspects escaped into nearby woods after the neighbor went to investigate the scene.
A couple of hours later, the homeowner went to check on the building himself and discovered his belongings, a four-wheeler and air compressor, attached to a black Buick on the property, he told deputies.
One of the suspects, Jessica Whitehead, had returned to the scene, the release said, and attempted to put the items back into the storage buildings without the homeowner noticing.
The man told deputies she rammed his leg with the vehicle while trying to flee the scene and that he suffered minor injuries.
To access the buildings, they used a torch to cut a lock on one of the units and removed a wall panel on a second unit, according to deputies.
The suspects failed to cut the lock on a gun safe on the property.
The individuals were apprehended by Gaston County police later that day on Charles Raper Jonas Highway in Gastonia.
Items stolen in the incident included three electric drills and two $10,000 four-wheelers, both of which have been recovered, deputies said.
Charged in the incident were Antonio Maurice McClure, 27, of 478 South King Street, and Quan Artavius Hoyle, of 3201 Spring Valley Drive, both in Gastonia, along with Jessica Leah Whitehead, 34, of 12 Johnson Street, Apt. 12, in Belmont.
All three suspects have been charged with one felony count each of safecracking by opening a safe, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods, breaking and entering a motor vehicle and attempted larceny.
Whitehead and Hoyle remain in the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center, each under a $60,000 secured bond.
McClure is being held without bond.

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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