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Vehicle used to tear up green at golf course



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Police said vandals damaged portions of the golf course at a local country club Wednesday night.

The incident took place at Lincoln Country Club, located at 2052 Country Club Road, according to a Lincolnton Police Department report.

General Manager Jody Saunders told the Times-News he discovered part of the green on hole 11 and the surrounding area damaged upon entering work Thursday morning, and filed a report with police.

Saunders said someone used an ATV or other small vehicle to drive recklessly throughout the property.

One club member, Tom Hawk, commented on his disappointment over the damage.

“It’s a shame when people who value nothing,” he said, “feel it necessary to destroy things of value to others.”

An arrest has yet to be made in the incident, but club officials are offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction, Saunders said.

Club officials also revealed it’s not the first time the property has been damaged over the years, and that repairs from this week’s incident alone will cost around $2,000.

While the course will remain open to the public, officials have moved the hole to a location away from the damaged area, Saunders said.

Moving the holes is not uncommon on the course. Club officials move them multiple times each week “to avoid wear and tear,” Saunders said.


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