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A time to remember who loved us most


Guest Columnist

It’s not a dune buggy, it’s not a golf cart. It’s a shuttle bus that moves patients and visitors from medical buildings and parking lots at our local hospital.

I agreed with the many comments I heard about the beautiful landscaping at the hospital. I also agreed with those of us who have problems walking any distance.

Last year, while talking with Pete Acker about how great I thought our hometown hospital was, I also mentioned that the well-composed landscaping around the buildings was hard to maneuver for some of us older folks.

Last week, while waiting for my time in the lab, I watched the shuttle bus make its rounds and got the chance to thank Acker for this added service. It’s there for all of us.

There are many offerings for all of us and we need to take advantage of them.

Sunday is Mother’s Day and we surely need to remember who loved us most.

I had a wonderful mother. I tried to be a good one and most of the time I believe I succeeded. I really enjoy being a grandmother, but it gets better and becoming a great-grandmother has to be best of all.

There are no responsibilities at all, just pleasure from all those hugs and smiles.

That’s just one of the few joys of aging. There are many more — we just have to keep looking. Add on this week’s wonderful sunshine, neighbors who come to the back door and come in to visit, the young man who keeps our lawn looking good, friends who call to ask how we are and my first grader friend who brings me a rose and offers to teach me how to tie shoes.

Remember the shuttle bus that helps us get around when it is difficult to walk and the cheerful hospital volunteers who greet us when we arrive.

There’s more, just keep counting.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.



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