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Reader’s Forum 5-5-14


Support for Hatley

 I believe that, as citizens of Lincoln County, we deserve the best elected officials possible. When it comes to the Clerk of Courts, the best is Fred Hatley. Fred brings not only experience, but integrity, and the trustworthiness we need in our elected officials. Fred’s professionalism is unmatched, so join us on May 6 and reelect Fred Hatley.

John and Brenda Holcomb



A whole new Habitat ReStore

 Recently I attended the late afternoon preview of our newly remodeled Habitat ReStore of Lincoln County on East Sycamore St. The invitation was for some who have volunteered along with a few others.

I was spellbound by the new look. I was immediately captivated by the Mission display, showing Habitat’s impact in the community including homes constructed and Habitat’s housing in the community. There were also brochures with information about Habitat’s housing programs. My gaze began to wander to the other areas that were well defined for the different products for sale. The store was very clean, neat and showcase-ready for the public. As I walked through the store, one could not help but notice all of the quality merchandise on display. A shopper can find furniture, hardware items, books, antiques, ceiling fans, televisions, shovels and the list goes on and on. Variety, just like a big box store, only smaller. I could not help but notice plenty of big smiles and greetings by the employees.

I have been a visitor and volunteer over the years, but after this visit, more regular visits are a must. I have volunteered and felt that Habitat For Humanity is a big addition to our community. The inventory is all donated and much of the labor is volunteers. I encourage all to visit and shop for the needs of your home. Also, if you have items around the house and are low on space, donate to Habitat. I understand they will come to your house or business to pick up large items if you cannot bring them. Also, the net proceeds drive their building projects and operating expenses.

I feel a community is known by how it addresses our less fortunate families and the Habitat for Humanity Organization is promoting this essential need in Lincoln County.

See you at the Habitat ReStore 809 East Sycamore St. on Wednesday to Saturday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Don Ballard


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