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Others have aches and pains and troubles too

Guest columnist

It is almost safe to say that summer is here. The dogwood blooms are shattering over the lawn and the azaleas are at their best.
Porch sitting is good again when the morning sun is in the right spot. Then it’s good for a first cup of coffee. We’ve had our share of staying indoors and
have watched Mother Nature change by looking  through windows and doors.
We’ve weathered one ailment after another, all with the help of friends and neighbors who gave their time to help and visit.
We are ready to be out for a while, even if it’s just a doctor’s appointment, and there are plenty of those coming up. I want to hear how healthy we are.
We know others have aches and pains and troubles and sorrow and wish there was a way to help. Age brings on many health issues and time may not help all of them.
We’ve lost many friends and lately lost not only one of the best but a good neighbor too. There’s no way to replace the kindness and friendship that is gone.  Could we try harder to pass it on?
Sometimes we let the chance to do better slip away before we recognize what could have been done.
The vows we take to better ourselves and do more for others sometimes are overlooked in the duties of the day. We always believe we’ll be stronger and offer more tomorrow.
My grandmother used to say that tomorrow will be the day that we will do better. But age has told me that it isn’t always true.
But nothing hinders us from trying again and again.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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