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Reader’s Forum 4-30-14


County should take care of parking for jurors

I was recently performing my civic duty as a juror. When the bailiff entered the courtroom he informed the jurors to move their vehicles if they were parked around the courthouse. The bailiff informed the jurors they could move their vehicles to the Farmers Market, which is located a half-mile away from the courthouse. Fifteen-plus jurors proceeded to get up. I asked the bailiff, what happened to the Clerk of Court’s office taking care of jurors’ parking tickets? The bailiff said the Clerk of Court could not take care of jurors’ tickets, due to it being within the city limits. I ask the question, what has happened to the Clerk of Courts? The city is in the county, the county should overrule the city. If this is not so, then shame on the Clerk of Court and shame on the Mayor of Lincolnton.

W.Y. Kistler



Support for Hatley


I am writing to show support for Fred Hatley, the incumbent, for Clerk of Court in the May Republican primary. Hatley is a credit to Lincoln County. He taught school for 31 years and has served as our Clerk of Court for the past 12 years. He is a gentleman and treats everyone with respect and dignity that needs service at the clerk’s office. He has devoted his life to serving the people of Lincoln County. I have talked to numerous people, including attorneys, and I have not heard anything but good remarks on how he has performed his duties as Clerk of Court and how efficient his office is run.

Hatley is the incumbent who has done a fantastic job as Clerk of Court and I’m surprised to see other Republicans try to replace him. I agree that it is everyone’s right to run for office but I fail to understand why they seek this office at this point in time. The others, while they are good people, speak of their experience to do the job as Clerk of Court, but the fact is that Hatley is the only one with experience to handle this job. Granted, it is a job that pays about $84,000 a year, and a lot of people would like to have it, but real experience is needed to handle this important job and, again, only Hatley has it; for anyone else it would be a long period of learning the system.

My wife Doris Lail and I, both past chairmen of the Lincoln County Republican Party, urge everyone voting in the May 6 primary to take into consideration Hatley’s experience and record and vote for this real gentleman, Fred Hatley.

Jim Lail


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