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There’s still egg bashing at Sugar Hill


Guest Columnist

The Easter holiday lasted all week with folks celebrating in many ways.

Good Friday was observed at somber sunrise and church services, processions led by cross-bearers, pageants depicting the Last Supper and Sunday morning cantatas’ telling about Jesus’ resurrection in song.

Didn’t hear anything about Easter Parades but there were some egg bashing times at Sugar Hill. That’s a long ago tradition that still holds strong according to some folks that I know.

The weather cooperated for outdoor activities with warm afternoon sunshine. Hiding eggs is fun for the younger ones and carrying candy filled baskets is for most.

I remember that we had a dozen eggs each to color and hide. We had a shoebox to carry them after we colored them on Saturday morning. I forgot what we did with them after the weekend.

New dresses were a must at Easter and my mother always sewed a new one for each of her three daughters.

We had new white shoes too and wore them even when blisters made them very uncomfortable.

New outfits sometimes included hats, pocketbooks and gloves. I have old family pictures where it’s obvious that the female subjects were very uncomfortable dressed the way they were. Easter bonnets were straw with flowers around the band and matching velvet ribbon to go around your chin.

Easter Sunday services and coloring eggs have remained the same for many years.

But I often wonder why we had all that fuss about that Easter outfit. It was very much a relief not to have to wear them all day.

But I know that new dresses did not come often and we wanted the new shoes and new clothes even if they scratched or blistered our feet.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.



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