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Lincolnton felon to serve prison time for knife assault


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A Catawba County judge ordered a Lincolnton man spend up to four years in prison for a knife assault that occurred in Conover last year.

Catawba County’s Chief Legal Assistant, Eric Farr, said William Metts, 66, had a sentencing hearing on Thursday in Newton, where Superior Court judge, Eric Levinson, issued the defendant 31 to 50 months behind bars.

Metts, who lives on Riverview Road, stabbed a man in January 2013 while the two were drinking alcohol and involved in a dispute, Farr said.

The victim received non-life-threatening injuries in the incident, according to clerk officials, and has since recovered.

Metts was later convicted of felony assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, Farr said.

Conover police investigated the case.

Metts criminal record has been marked with offenses in Lincoln and Catawba Counties since the 1970s.

Some of his felony convictions include driving under the influence, assault, receiving stolen goods and even escaping jail in 1973, public records showed.


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