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Faded green thumbs remember better times


Guest Columnist

The dogwoods are in full bloom and as usual I think it’s the best time of the year. Of course the weather also makes it good.

It’s almost as if we are eager for spring and when it arrives we can’t stop talking about it.

But this winter’s very cold weather was enough to make us want some outdoor time with flowers blooming and grass growing.

Some folks are saying that we will have some more cold weather before it’s really summertime.

But I remember that old-time farmers always planted cotton when the dogwoods were in bloom. The signs were good then and it was the right time for a good stand of cotton. Needing to replant was no assurance of a good crop.

Most gardeners are ready to plant the summer bearing vegetables and gathering these tasty gems are well worth the work that it takes to get them.

Many of my friends whose green thumb has faded envy those who can still work the soil in springtime. They gather around and talk about when they planted a garden that produced more than their family could eat. The tomatoes were the best ever and the watermelons were bigger and better than anyone had ever grown.

Gathering more than your family could eat meant sharing with the neighbors and the best part of taking baskets of vegetables next door was the good feeling you carried home with you.

Carrying around good feelings helps smother those that we would like to forget.

And most of us have some of these.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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