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Support for Burgin


The citizens of Lincoln County need to be made aware regarding the Clerk of Court office. This is from my personal experience under the current leadership.

The phone should be answered. Voicemails should not state, “Try your call later” and “Do not leave a message as we do not have time to return calls.” Although now all the voicemails have been changed. Also, the Clerk of Court should not hang up on a citizen.

Lincoln County needs a clerk of court who knows how to fulfill the duties that they are elected to. When cases are not being handled within the office correctly, the Clerk of Court should be able to step in and handle. I dealt with a six-month timeframe trying to schedule a hearing. When the hearing was finally held, I was told a decision would be made within two days. It was four months before this happened. I don’t feel it would have happened then if it weren’t for my numerous calls over a three-month period. As a taxpayer in Lincoln County, I expected the Clerk of Court to see that my mother’s estate was carried out in accordance with her will and divided equally among the four heirs. This did not happen and this process became a three-year ordeal that is yet to be fully resolved.

The citizens of Lincoln County deserve better leadership in the Clerk of Court office. That is why you should vote for Candy Burgin!

Samuel Davis


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