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Support for Hatley

Clerk of Superior Court in Lincoln County is a tough job. Many details must be learned to do this work. Years ago, when Fred Hatley first ran for this office, he had no experience in the position. Nevertheless, I wrote a letter to the Times-News asking people to vote for him. Fred and I had been friends for a long time. I knew his fine qualities well — his work ethic, his determination to do what was honorably necessary to succeed, his ability to quickly gain knowledge, and his personal code of conduct, which required him to be gracious and fair to everyone.

Now, as Fred seeks yet another term as Clerk of Court, he retains all those good qualities and, very importantly, he has acquired the valuable hands-on experience needed to be effective.

So, once again, it is my privilege to ask the voting citizens of Lincoln County to cast their ballots for Fred Hatley in the upcoming primary election.

Gordon Crowell


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