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Curtis endorses Tillis for U.S. Senate

Sen. David Curtis

Guest Columnist

Fellow North Carolina Conservatives:

I recently announced that I am supporting House Speaker Thom Tillis for the United States Senate. I want to share with you how I arrived at this decision.

I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and am a deacon and 28-year member at Westport Baptist Church, a conservative Southern Baptist Church. I am an eye doctor and have treated about 55,000 patients on 55 medical mission trips to third world countries. I am a social and fiscal conservative who successfully ran for the N.C. State Senate because I wanted to help change the direction our state and nation were going.

The reality is that we have several good candidates for the US Senate. One in particular, Mark Harris, shares many qualities with me and would make a fine public servant. When Pastor Harris told me he was going to run for the Senate, my initial reaction was to support him. However, after much reflection, I do not believe that he can win against Kay Hagan and I am confident that another strong conservative, Thom Tillis, can. President Obama received 50.1 percent of North Carolina’s vote in 2008 and 49.8 percent of the vote in 2012. In order to win in November, our candidate simply must be able to build a broad coalition of support.

I cannot emphasize enough how critically important it is that the Republican candidate wins in November. North Carolina and two other states will determine which party controls the Senate during the last two years of President Obama’s term in office. The only way to stop the President’s radical liberal agenda and to prepare for the 2016 Presidential election is to control the Senate. Thus the importance of defeating Sen. Hagan cannot be overstated. On a more personal level, Sen. Hagan’s biggest contributor is a radical pro-abortion group that has contributed $404,000 to her campaign so far. This pro-abortion group clearly understands how important this election is by contributing to Hagan nearly as much as the Harris campaign has collected from all contributors.

In summary, I am supporting Thom Tillis for the following reasons:

1. He is a proven conservative leader who shares our values.

2. In my opinion, he has a vastly better chance of defeating Senator Hagan and helping gain control of the Senate. There is no question that regaining control of the Senate is the most important thing we can do this year to change the direction of our state and country.

3. After a personal conversation with Thom and several consultants, I am confident that Thom and Pastor Harris would vote the same way on the important social and fiscal issues that we care about.

4. As a state senator, I was “behind the curtain,” participating in some of the private debates that determined the fate of the many conservative bills that we successfully passed into law — tax reform (lower taxes), pro-life measures, Second Amendment issues and education reform. I can say with absolute certainty that Speaker Tillis led on these conservative initiatives, and in some cases he is personally responsible for their passage into law. I am confused that some are criticizing Thom and ignoring the fact that these bills are now law and Thom deserves major credit for that.

Thus I am comfortable giving my enthusiastic endorsement to Thom Tillis and urge you to support him also. I welcome your discussion at david@davidcurtisforncsenate.com.

Sen. David Curtis represents North Carolina’s 44th District in the General Assembly.



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