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Man who sucked woman’s toes at Lincolnton store given 60 days in jail



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A Cabarrus County man admitted in a Lincoln County courtroom Thursday morning to sucking a woman’s toes inside a local Wal-Mart store before a judge sentenced him to two months behind bars.

Michael Brown, 31, of Concord, apologized for his actions in district court. The victim was also present, according to area media outlets.

It was the defendant’s second appearance in Lincoln County district court after his arrest last month for assault on a female.

Police said he told the victim he was a podiatry student and asked her to try on shoes for him in the shoe department of the Wal-Mart on North Generals Boulevard in Lincolnton on March 17.

He eventually stuck her foot in his mouth and sucked on her toes, officers said.

Brown offered to pay for the woman’s groceries after she appeared outraged over the incident, police said.

Brown was convicted of the assault charge on Thursday and given 60 days in jail. However, a judge agreed to subtract from the man’s sentence the three weeks he’s already spent behind bars.

Brown has similar charges filed against him in Union County where a woman told police he tried to touch her feet at a K-Mart store in Monroe, according to detectives with the Lincolnton Police Department.

Last year, public records showed Brown was found guilty of a separate assault charge in Stanley County for committing the same lewd act at a Locust Wal-Mart.

In 2001, a Cabarrus County judge convicted him of second-degree sex offense for breaking into a Concord home, armed with a knife, and forcing a female resident to use her feet to help him masturbate, police said.

While no charges were filed against Brown for an alleged incident that police said occurred at the Wal-Mart store on N.C. 73 in Denver the morning of March 17, just prior to the Lincolnton episode, a woman revealed to officers how the defendant also tried to suck her toes.



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