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Sheriff’s Office: Narcs locate fourth meth lab of 2014, three arrested


Almany, Pardo and Parker

Almany, Pardo and Parker



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Three people were hauled off to the Lincoln County jail Tuesday afternoon after the Sheriff’s Office said narcotics officers discovered remnants of a one-pot meth lab inside a Lincolnton home.

County investigators conducted surveillance on the suspects, they said, after learning they had purchased items in the area typically used to make the illegal drug.

Narcotics officers said they used an Internet tracking tool called the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) to locate individuals who had been purchasing the lab precursors at area pharmacies.

After following the suspects to a Mauney Drive residence around 4 p.m., deputies asked permission to search the home, according to an agency press release.

Inside the home, narcs uncovered ingredients of the one-pot lab, they said, including pseudoephedrine, empty cold packs and lithium batteries.

Kimberly Nicole Parker, 22, Carl Lloyd Almany III, 20, and Pedro Salazar Pardo Jr., 31, were each charged in the incident with one felony count of manufacturing a schedule II controlled substance and possession and distribution of a meth precursor.

Parker, who lives at 207 Mauney Drive, additionally faces one count of misdemeanor child abuse and maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Almany was part of a meth lab bust on Knoll Drive in Vale in December, according to deputies. The incident was the 22nd bust of its kind last year.

Tuesday’s incident was the fourth meth lab bust of 2014, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Each of the three suspects was set to appear in court today.

They are currently being held without bond.

Lincoln County residents are encouraged to contact the Drug Tip Line any day and time at (704) 736-8606 or (704) 736-8606. Investigators said they follow-up on all tips.

For more information on NPLEx, visit nplexservice.com/.



Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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