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Drunk driver charged with dragging deputy with vehicle






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A Catawba County man intoxicated by alcohol used his vehicle to drag a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy several feet down an area roadway after refusing to comply with officers during a traffic stop Wednesday night, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The incident took place just after 11:30 p.m. on the county’s eastern end.

A deputy stationed in the Denver area witnessed the suspect fail to stop for a red light at the intersection of N.C. 73 and N.C. 16.

As the deputy activated his blue lights and siren and proceeded to pursue the vehicle, Jake Ellis Nelson, 20, continued driving at a high rate of speed down N.C. 73, turning down South Little Egypt Road Denver, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

Nelson nearly lost control of his vehicle during the chase but eventually stopped after reaching a dead-end road, deputies said.

The driver reportedly refused to exit the vehicle or lower his window for the officer after being commanded multiple times.

Sheriff’s sergeant J. Brown later arrived on scene to provide backup and reached inside Nelson’s vehicle after the man partially lowered his window and unlocked the door.

Officers immediately detected a strong odor of alcohol, the release said.

The deputies then attempted to pull Nelson from the vehicle, but the suspect instead slammed the door shut and put the vehicle in drive, dragging Brown down the road at least 40 feet.

Brown tried to stop Nelson, striking him multiple times. The suspect spit blood on the deputy during the incident, the Sheriff’s Office said.

It wasn’t until the deputy pulled out his Taser that Nelson stopped his vehicle, according to the release, but he continued to resist arrest as deputies handcuffed him.

Crews with Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services later arrived on scene to treat both parties, but Nelson refused treatment, deputies said.

Brown was not seriously injured in the incident but had the toe part off his leather uniform boots completed scraped off, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The suspect was additionally uncooperative at the Magistrate’s Office, refusing to provide a breath sample, deputies said.

Nelson was eventually placed behind bars and charged with three felonies including assault on a government official, assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer and malicious conduct by a prisoner.

Misdemeanor charges filed against him in the case included one count each of failure to stop at a red light, failure to stop for a blue light and siren, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of an open container of alcohol, resisting, delaying and obstructing a public officer, DWI and driving after having consumed a sufficient amount of alcohol.

Nelson has since been released on an $18,000 secured bond.



Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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