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Artificial reefs added to bottom of Lake Norman

Staff report

North Carolina Wildlife Federation staff and volunteers are making strides to improve Lake Norman’s fish habitats. The organization recently deployed multiple artificial rock reefs to the bottom of the lake through a track and hoe system.
According to North Carolina Wildlife Federation Conservation Coordinator Christopher North, the addition of such a structure on the bottom of the lake is widely used and supported by fisheries managers as an effective means of habitat enhancement in reservoir and ecological systems that created for the purpose of hydroelectric power with fish and wildlife benefits.
“The artificial rocks reefs will increase food, cover and spawning opportunities, thereby providing a win-win situation for members of the public that have a vested interest in improving reservoir ecosystems and fishing opportunities,” North said.
Support for the project and other wildlife efforts are aided through a grant with the Habitat Enhancement Program fund, a fund established to benefit fish, wildlife and habitat along the Catawba-Wateree and its tributaries in North and South Carolina. Those interested in learning more about the North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s endeavors should visit www.ncwf.org.

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