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Waiting for spring’s warm weather


Guest Columnist

I know its spring because the calendar told me so.

If only we could get the weatherman to cooperate, then we’d know that it’s time to go barefoot and plan vacations.

The trees, grass and flowers are doing their part and showing each day what happens when the time is right.

We’re so eager for warm weather and the chance to throw open the windows and let fresh air move through the house. Then we know it’s sneezing season and time to look up the allergy pills.

We do so love the changing seasons and what each one brings. The heat of summer soon wipes out spring’s fresh air, but offers up another treat.

Gardeners are already at work planting vegetables for summer harvest and I’m eager to fill baskets at the Farmer’s Market for some good home cooking.

I really like to visit the market to gather fresh produce and visit with the vendors and early morning shoppers.

Only someone who has farmed or tended a garden can really appreciate those fresh vegetables that arrive at the market. Much time is spent getting the soil ready for those fragile plants.

Sometime when warm weather doesn’t arrive when expected they have to be kept warm, or even worse, replanted.

But sooner or later warm weather will arrive. And all that summer promises will be here.

Those juicy red tomatoes top the list of wants. Imagine slices of fresh bread, spread with lots of Duke’s mayonnaise and topped with thick slices of red, ripe tomatoes. That’s a good summer lunch.

Summer offers other pleasant times. It’s good to visit with friends outdoors before it gets too hot or the bugs get active. It’s also a real treat to read in the shade on a hot day.

Each season offers special days. There’s usually something good to be found if we look for it. Some days the search will take longer.

Sometimes it seems the search isn’t worth it, but then the Mother Nature takes over and the sunshine makes up for all those chilly days and the sky is a true blue and life is really good.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.



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