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Suspect in murder, attempted shooting of officer is shot by SWAT team


UPDATED (12:40 a.m., 03/28): Sheriff Carpenter has confirmed that the suspect has been killed. He exited the apartment in which he was taking refuge with his weapon pointed at SWAT officers and fired a shot. Officers returned fire and struck the suspect multiple times.

UPDATED (10:45 p.m. 03/27): Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter said the suspect is holed up inside an apartment in Colonial Village and refuses to come out. Reports of a hostage situation are inaccurate.



Staff Writer

Police say a corpse discovered at a city home and an incident in which a suspect fired at an officer are possibly related.

A swarm of officers, including the county SWAT team, is currently on scene at a Lincolnton apartment complex, searching for a man witnesses said fired a gun at a police officer Thursday evening, shortly after a body was discovered at 876 Salem Church Road.

An Aaron’s delivery driver said he discovered a woman’s body, lying in a pool of blood, in the home’s carport.

Witnesses to the shooting incident told the Times-News an officer stopped the man’s vehicle along a Lincolnton roadway near Colonial Village.

When the officer approached the vehicle, the driver fired a shot at him before fleeing the scene toward the apartment complex, a witness said. 

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