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Lincolnton firefighters extinguish kitchen blaze



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Lincolnton firefighters were forced to respond to a Catawba Street residence Wednesday morning to squelch flames inside a kitchen.

Fire officials said crews arrived on scene around 6:40 p.m. when they witnessed smoke coming through the front door.

Flames had ignited on the stove and spread to the kitchen cabinets, Fire Chief Mitch Burgin said.

A resident told firefighters she had placed a pot of cooking oil on the stove and left it unattended for about 10 minutes. Upon returning to the kitchen, she spotted the oil, cabinets and wall on fire, Burgin said.

The woman then called 911 as she and other occupants inside the home evacuated.

The incident resulted in $2,000 in damage, and firefighters were able to prevent the fire from destroying additional areas of the home by working quickly to gain control of the situation.

Crews took roughly 10 minutes to extinguish the fire, Burgin said.

South Fork Fire Department provided mutual aid at the scene.

Fire officials issued simple suggestions to the community regarding the incident with the hope that the advice might prevent similar future fires in the area.

“Please do not leave cooking unattended,” Burgin said.

“The occupants did an excellent job of evacuating and calling 911, and (the woman) did not try to extinguish or move the pot of oil from the stove, which is a common mistake.”



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