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LCS students share Holocaust museum

Staff Writer

A group of Lincoln Charter School students presented “Remembering the Holocaust: A Living Museum” to school faculty, staff, family and friends Tuesday night.
The museum, created and hosted by the seventh grade students of Lincoln Charter School, served to educate visitors of the 20th-century tragedy as well as challenge observers with the following questions: “What are the warning signs we should look for to help prevent future genocides?” and “What is our responsibility as a nation or as individuals when confronted with such crimes?”
The museum was divided into 12 sections, covering subjects such as Hitler and Nazism, Krystallnacht, Life in the Ghetto, Math in the Holocaust, Concentration Camps, Genetic Experiments and Gas Chambers. Some students created poetry, artwork, PowerPoint and Prezi presentations and other displays, while others served as the museum’s curators.
“We even had parents donate some of their objects from the 1940s,” Lincoln Charter School teacher Tanya Belvin said.
According to Belvin, the living museum was the final project for students’ month-long Holocaust unit. The students began the unit by reading the play, “The Diary of Anne Frank.” From there, she said the students were instructed to research terms such as “Nazism, Hitler, gas chambers, cattle cars, concentration camps, Nuremburg Laws” and put together PowerPoint presentations or Prezis. Seventh grade instructors in mathematics, language arts, social studies and science worked together to develop a cohesive academic unit.
“We wanted this to be a service learning project for the students,” Belvin said. “We’re showing the importance of tolerance — of taking a stand when you see bullying and accepting others’ differences.”
The Days of Remembrance, a weeklong memorial to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, is honored from April 27 to May 4.

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