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More daylight means more porch sitting

Guest columnist

It’s officially spring now and time to take advantage of all this sunshine. Daylight Savings Time gives us more afternoon hours for work, or at least we can see more that needs to be done.
With more daylight time we can see many more dust bunnies floating around. You can also see more spots on the carpet, more streaks on the walls that need scrubbing and those glass shower doors never looked so dingy.
There’s also more time to watch the changes happening outdoors. The cardinals crowd the bird feeders outside the kitchen window. They push smaller birds aside as they appear to be showing off their brilliant crimson spring color.
The bluebirds too are showing off their spring beauty marks as they move from bush to tree, but they don’t seem to tarry as long near feeders.
I enjoy watching the birds as well as the changes in the trees and shrubs. Bradford pears and forsythia are blooming, dogwoods showing tiny buds, iris popping up through the pine needles and almost overnight the grass has turned green.
It’s time to oil the lawn mowers, check the leaf blowers and tackle that dreaded task called spring cleaning.
How did we accumulate so much stuff during the winter months? There are stacks of magazines, newspapers and some books that we have to look through before throwing them away.
We could toss out something that we had meant to keep and, before we know it, it’s lunchtime and after that we really must empty the clothes dryer and fold that load of towels.
The sunshine is so welcoming on the front porch.
We could just take a break and enjoy a few minutes of that warmth. It’s very nice when some neighbors stop by to talk about the beauty of spring.
Work takes a backseat over an afternoon such as this. Closet cleaning can be postponed again. It’s hard to toss all that stuff that no one wants any more.
Do you really know that you will never want to wear that dress, shirt, or coat again?
Can you remember when you wore most of those things? Do you know that the zipper doesn’t work, the buttons are gone, the hem is raveled, or the horror of it all? It doesn’t fit anymore.
But it could be a favorite, so maybe there’s room in the back of the closet. And maybe we will be glad that we didn’t get rid of it.
During the extreme cold weather this winter, I dug out a heavy coat that I hadn’t worn in years. It was so warm and I snuggled in it and counted the days until springtime.
I believe there’s still room in that closet for that heavy coat.
Some things are worth keeping.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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