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Summer memories of sun and sand


Guest Columnist

Mother Nature is playing tricks on us old folks who want some sunshine. One day we have an ice storm and then she sends enough sunshine to make us lazy.

But there’s good news at my house. We took advantage of those warm days by sitting on the porch and enjoying visits with the neighbors.

It’s been a long winter and many of us have had our share of problems, so it’s time to share what we expect the summer days to bring. And laugh as we rehash good times and past vacations.

How about a walk on the beach with the sun on our backs and sand in our shoes, fresh seafood for supper and watching the sunset while rocking the evening away?

Not everyone wants that. Some like the mountains and entertainment at Cherokee and Pigeon Forge.

I would like another afternoon at Flat Rock or a matinee performance at the State Theatre. It’s a short drive and we’ve been entertained by some talented actors who presented popular Broadway shows.

Go early and tour the nearby Carl Sandburg house where the famed, prize-winning poet lived for 22 years, seeking peace and solitude to continue his writings. When he returned to Chicago, he left behind furniture, books and notes scattered throughout the house.

The goat barn where Mrs. Sandburg raised her prize-winning herd can be explored and some of the animals still roam the pastures.

The 264 acres of the State Historic Site offers much to explore on a summer afternoon.

But then, there are farms nearby that offer some good visits. March is the time to visit when the lambs are arriving on sheep farms. These are worth a visit if you can stand the noise that the animals make.

Some blackberry farms will let you pick your own berries and strawberries are best when carefully selected.

There’s a lot to do during warm weather but we don’t have to leave home to enjoy a summer day.

Sometimes, plenty of sunshine, an afternoon nap and hot dogs for supper can make a good time without leaving the back porch.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.



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