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Editor’s Note — Let Boh’s story be a lesson


Managing Editor

I’m glad Boh the German Shepherd was found unharmed, but his story should be a lesson to pet owners everywhere.

Boh hangs around the Forest Lawn cemetery. He was allegedly stolen by someone in late February but was found in Birkdale in Huntersville on Thursday.

Boh’s story is an illustration of one of the things that can happen to pets that are left to roam unattended. A better illustration is every dead dog you see on the side of the road.

I own a dog. She’s been with me since she was a pup in 2010. I love her, my wife loves her and my 2-year-old son loves her. But it’s primarily my responsibility to make sure she’s taken out, fed, exercised and looked after.

My dog is a part of my family, so it’s incredibly frustrating to me when irresponsible pet owners put their animals — members of their family — in danger, either out of laziness or thoughtlessness or pure foolishness.

Pets need to be secured, for their safety and the safety of their neighbors. I don’t care about leash laws — protecting our pets is every pet owner’s responsibility. If you’re not willing to do the bare minimum to ensure your pet isn’t run over or stolen or doesn’t run away, you shouldn’t have one.

That’s the real core of Boh’s story. It doesn’t matter if he’s a “good dog” or was friendly toward cemetery visitors. Boh is a dog that was turned out of the house to do what he pleased. This episode in Boh’s life has a happy ending. Many similar stories end tragically.



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