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Jonquils blooming in the backyard


Guest Columnist

Green buds popping up are the first signs of spring, so I grabbed a handful to bring inside to watch as the yellow blooms open up.

Never before have I been so eager for a taste of warm weather.

The zero weather was not the only thing that I had to endure, nor am I the only one who felt that life had taken a strong turn on them.

The gospel song “One day at a time, sweet Jesus” runs through my mind constantly while trying hard to be strong during a family illness.

Life is actually one day at a time, and sometimes we need a strong reminder about who is really in charge.

I am not a strong woman. I thought I was, but change my lifestyle and I turn into a sniveling wreck.

How could I be so weak when everyone was offering support? Family, friends and neighbors were at my side, offering help while shoveling snow from the driveway, leaving food at the door and prayers going up from every corner.

Doctors were keeping my husband alive as he was hit with one major illness after another. There seemed to be no explanation for the crisis, but Lincoln County emergency room doctors hurried us on to Charlotte each time for doctors who specialized in his disorders.

I slept in a corner of the ICU-trauma unit for three weeks as doctors came in twos, threes and sometimes more to observe and discuss how someone could have such a strong heart and survive what this one was going through.

The turning point came when we returned to Lincolnton.

We came for rehab, but we got caring, warm hearted folks at the Brian Center, who not only looked after the patient but his family too.

But by then I was sick. I missed Christmas Day when the family was together at the Brian Center. I was sent to the hospital with signs of pneumonia and bronchitis.

But I let it be known that come Dec. 28, I would be at the center for our 66th wedding anniversary. No celebration, just being together.

We have met almost every challenge that could leave its mark on a relationship. We were teenagers when we decided to marry.

We both came from relativity poor backgrounds with nothing handed freely as we made a slow crawl from a first house with no water, no heat and no electricity to eventual careers in the newspaper and furniture industry.

As I write this, we are together in a warm, comfortable home that more than fills our needs. We are blessed with returning health, a loving family and more friends than we can count.

Life is good. Spring will soon be here, and there’s jonquils blooming in the backyard.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.



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