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For the past several months I have been attending city council meetings and discussing the $55,000 that was spent on Hog Happenin’. I have truly felt like my concerns were falling on deaf ears.  I was very discouraged and was amazed that the city basically gave the event holders a blank check.  I was ready to quit my fight for accountability.

You should know during my quest to find the truth about how much this event cost, I was insulted, called names and definitely misunderstood by DDA Committee members.

Most people would have run away and let it go, not me I must be too hard headed. I believe there have been false reports submitted, lies told and found that the majority of the Hog Happenin’ committee members actually live outside the city limits.

They do not pay city taxes so they have no reason to be conservative with “our” $55,000.

The vendor they purchase beer from is on the committee. Does “conflict of interest” not concern anyone or come into play here?

The DDA by-laws state that they are to promote Lincoln county history. I’ll bet the HH committee doesn’t know the difference between patriots Adam Reep and Steve Reep. Drinking beer and listening to Molly Hatchet, who cost you $16,000, isn’t promoting Lincoln County History.

Recently I have a new found burst of energy as taxpayers have came up to me and thanked me for standing up for them. They had no idea that the Hog Happenin’ event cost $55,000. They thought it was a moneymaker, with substantial profits.

Too much effort is put on beer and bands and not barbecue. The event can be a great thing for Lincolnton, but it could even be a one day event and not cost the city $45,000 and the county $10,000 for a total of $55,000. If you like this wasteful spending, don’t do anything, but if you agree call your city fathers and tell them.

Dale Punch


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