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Our View — Welcome, Medline

The announcement Monday that Medline Industries is bringing a 400,000 square-foot distribution center to Lincoln County is a welcome one.

The company says it will invest $18 million in constructing its facility in the Lincoln County Industrial Park, and we hope local contractors will be afforded the opportunity to share in a piece of that pie. We also hope local workers will fill the 100 jobs the company says it will have at the facility by 2019.

The Lincoln Economic Development Association deserves a strong commendation for facilitating this new venture. According to a press release announcing the facility, LEDA spent four years working with Medline to make it a reality. That’s a good chunk of time to devote to one deal, but we believe LEDA’s dedication and hard work will pay off in the long term.

Particularly exciting about the Medline announcement is the company’s plan to build and operate the facility in an environmentally friendly manner. The company plans to have the facility verified by a third party for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification and will employ several methods, detailed in a story in today’s edition, to be efficient.

Lincoln County’s future depends on it having a business environment that’s friendly to industry. Industry begets more industry, and that means more jobs.

We welcome this announcement, and congratulate the parties involved. We hope to see more news like it in the near future.



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