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Company announces $18 million investment, 100 jobs for county



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The largest privately held manufacturer and distributer of healthcare supplies in the United States has announced plans to open a new, state-of-the art medical supply distribution center in the Lincoln County Industrial Park.

Medline Industries, Inc. announced its decision to expand to North Carolina on Monday.

According to Lincoln Economic Development Association Executive Director Cliff Brumfield, construction is expected to begin this spring. The 400,000 square-foot facility will serve Medline’s customers, including hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, home care health agencies and other healthcare providers throughout North Carolina and its surrounding states. Brumfield said Medline expects the facility will open in early 2015.

“LEDA has worked on this project with Medline for the past four years,” Brumfield said. “The project really heated up last summer and grew wings quickly.”

“Announcing Medline’s decision to locate in Lincoln County is certainly a rewarding and successful project for LEDA and Lincoln County; it has been a pleasure to work with the Medline team over the past several years,” LEDA Business Development Manager Crystal Gettys said in a press release. “This project was a collaborative effort between our local economic development office and Lincoln County as well as state and regional economic development offices. We are excited that Medline will be among our existing industries and look forward to a continued partnership.”

According to Medline officials, the $18 million distribution center will be constructed with the latest energy efficient technology and undergo Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification review. Some of the cost and energy efficient technologies employed at the new facility, according to the press release, will include:

Motion sensors combined with advanced high-output, energy-saving lighting to keep lights off in aisles when not in use.

Sufficient daylight from more than 200 skylights to help brighten the facility. Sensors in light fixtures will then monitor when lights need to turn on.

High-output T5 light fixtures (more energy efficient) and on/off sensors — there are no actual on/off switches in the warehouse-they are controlled with the motion and daylight sensors.

Super-sized fans to reduce dependence on electricity for air conditioning and heating.

Recycling programs, including all corrugated boxes, office paper and fluorescent bulbs.

The LEED program provides third-party verification of green buildings in the area of design, construction and operation.

The company anticipates employing approximately 40 people initially, with an additional 60 jobs by 2019.

“Medline adds another avenue for our students and current workforce to work in a strong industry and maintain a comfortable lifestyle,” Brumfield said.

When the new facility opens, Medline will have more than 40 distribution centers throughout the United States, along with 19 manufacturing facilities and 1,200 sales representatives to support its broad line of 350,000 medical and surgical products. Formed in 1910 as a small manufacturer of surgical gowns and uniforms, Medline now leads the market in more than a dozen major medical product categories, including exam gloves, plastic patient utensils, skin care, gauze, bathing systems and more.

“As our company continues to grow, we’re proud to work with and serve the Lincoln County community to help bring our products, clinical programs and supply chain services to even more healthcare providers throughout the greater Charlotte area,” Medline’s President of Global Operations Bill Abington said. “The location of our facility is ideal as it’s near major roads and highways that will enable us to deliver our products when are where our customers need them.”

Gettys added that she believes Medline, like many other industries in Lincoln County, will be a great corporate citizen.

“Medline will make for a great addition to our community,” she said. “They’re a high-level, high-caliber industry.”

“We are excited to have Medline join the growing and diverse family of companies that call Lincoln County home,” Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Chairman Alex Patton said. “We look forward to a long and successful relationship. I want to thank Medline for their commitment to Lincoln County, and I also want to thank LEDA for their work over a number of years to make this announcement a reality.”

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