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Our View — Local ministry making a positive impact

We always like to see someone lending a hand to those in need. Those folks are the backbone of the community and are a big part of what makes Lincoln County a great place to live, work and play.

It’s easy to look at surface of the world around us and see only negativity — the brutality and greed and narcissism that seem to be the overwhelming attributes exhibited by the human race. And while those traits are certainly part of the whole of humanity, they’re not the sum total.

King’s Daughters’ Ministry, described in a story in Friday’s edition, is a prime example of how an individual can follow their heart and faith and have a real, lasting positive impact on the people destiny places in their path.

Sheryl Dorsey, founder and director of the organization, experienced heartache and pain in her own life, at a young age, which many of us can only fathom. She found faith in God in her teens and, fast forward to 2014, is running a facility for women who, many times, have nowhere else to turn.

Dorsey’s organization hopes to help the women it serves in all aspects of their lives through “using the Bible, Christian teaching, professional counseling and other practical methods of discipline and learning to achieve complete healing.”

That philosophy is also admirable. Breaking the cycle of drug abuse or co-dependence or domestic violence is no small feat and it takes incredible ambition and confidence to tackle those problems. We hope Dorsey and her organization have continued success.



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