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Reader’s Forum — 2-19-14


The Winter Olympics: A missed opportunity for the USA

I have been watching the Winter Olympics with great interest and pride.  The nations are putting aside differences and focusing on the superb talent of their youth. These participants are amazing with their outstanding talents; they are all remarkable. The Olympics are the common thread we share.

It is a shame that our President would not make an appearance and sit with President Putin, at least for a short period, certainly an appearance. There should have been some public acknowledgment that the two had communicated (apparently they did not), as hosting the Olympics is a gigantic event. We hear through the media that their association is somewhat frosty or even icy. I feel if President Obama had joined him, even for a short time, the effort may contribute toward melting the frost and create an avenue of future dialogue. Our president responded to his absence that high-ranking US officials were present. I believe our actions or lack of actions send a message of the type individual we truly are on the inside. I am not a fan of Mr. Putin but he is president of the country hosting the Winter Olympics.  Granted, the fear of terrorism is always a question but it is the world we now live.

I contend that by being first to extend the olive branch sends a huge message to the opposition that we are receptive and open to resolving our differences. I feel that what our President says and what he does is entirely different from the thought he attempts to send. This is the same message he emits to the other side of the aisle in congress, as if he is aloof or pompous.

Shame, Shame, Shame on you Mr. President, I think you missed an immense opportunity to create an avenue for future amicable and hospitable negotiations.

Don Ballard



Thanks for following up

 The LTN deserves congratulations for the DSS article on the front page of (Monday’s) paper. I was not aware of the rape charges or the facts behind the original legal case. However, all too often, arrest info/legal charges/outright smears are highlighted on page one of papers. When the outcome proves to be a complete vindication of the defendant, the “news” is either ignored or buried on a back page (in a very small article). The defendant is thereby left with the lifetime stigma of the accusation. The expunction was of great significance since it basically declares the issue never existed, and the defendant is publicly cleansed of all connection with the initial charge. By running it on page one, you give the defendant the same publicity, as to innocence, as is usually only given to the original charge of “presumed guilt.”

Tom Hawk


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