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Commissioners to hear details on water plant expansion




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The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will meet tonight to discuss an engineering proposal for the preliminary design and cost analysis phase of a possible water treatment plant expansion.

Senior Utility Engineer Michael Neff will provide County Commissioners with a summary of a timeline for the expansion of the water treatment plant, including permitting fees, engineering fees and construction costs. The proposal would expand the plant from 3.99 million gallons of water per day to eight million gallons of water per day.

A public hearing will also be held for a request from the Worthington Place Subdivision to be added to the Animal Services Leash Law Ordinance. In a letter addressed to county commissioners, Worthington Park resident John W. Avery, III said a leash law would help protect the neighborhood’s children from stray or aggressive animals.

“Most everyone in our neighborhood walks their dogs on a leash now, but on at least three occasions, three different dogs on leashes and their owners have been attacked by an aggressive animal left to run loose with no supervision,” Avery wrote. “We must have an ordinance for everyone to follow for the protection of our children, our families and our beloved pets, which all make up our quiet neighborhood.”

At the time the request was submitted, 18 respondents represented an interest in adding an Animal Services Leash Law Ordinance to the subdivision, thus succeeding in obtaining 50 percent acceptance from the Worthington Place residents.

Board of Elections Office officials Chris Andrews and Bradley Putnam will give a presentation regarding the new state voting system. Approval of the new voting system would allow Lincoln County to be in compliance with the State Board of Elections. If the system is not approved at tonight’s meeting, the county will be forced in 2018 to accept, in which all voting equipment will need to be purchased at that time.

Lincoln County Parks and Recreation Department is seeking approval to award the contract for the construction of Rescue Squad Park. Director of Public Works Donald Chamblee, Jr. and Director of Parks and Recreation Erma Deen Hoyle are requesting that the Board of Commissioners award the contract to the lowest responsive bidder, Matthews Construction Company, Inc. for the construction of the park for $1,797,000,000 with a contingency of $80,000. The base contract amount would include all grading, storm drainage, utilities, irrigation, fields, trails, gravel parking, lowering and paving of Galway Lane, and the construction of a multipurpose shelter.

At this time, Rescue Squad Park’s development is partially funded by a $352,432 PARTF grant, and the minimum local match for the initial construction phase will be funded by the Denver and Lake Norman Rotary Club Foundation. The first phase of the new park will provide active field areas, walking trails, a playground and a multipurpose shelter, and the future phases will include a dog park as well as a concession/restroom building.

The meeting will be held tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Citizens Center in Lincolnton and is open to the public.



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