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Column: Mrs. Carter’s prayer ministry



Guest Columnist


Frances Carter tells me that prior to retiring and moving to Lincolnton, she worked in the courthouse in Rutherford County. Part of her responsibilities included taking warrants to different divisions in the courthouse, where she then filed them. There were no computer systems at that time and each warrant had to be filed manually.

In 1998 she was in an automobile accident. A man who was under the influence of alcohol ran a traffic light and hit her side of the car. She was hospitalized for a week with a broken foot, broken arm, nine cracked ribs and a concussion. After the first week she was transferred to a nursing center for three months of rehabilitation.

She tells me that while she was there she began ministering to various people who would come and go — patients as well as visitors. She would pray for them individually and tell them they could call upon her anytime they felt the need for prayer.

This was the beginning of Carter’s prayer ministry, and she continues it to this day. She tells me it is not unusual for her to receive calls late at night, in the early morning hours as well as during the day. People call upon her to pray for them during times of illness, when they are experiencing family problems, when a loved one or friend has passed away, and a variety of other reasons. “They know their reasons are confidential and will stay between me, them and our Lord, “she said.

Her caretaker works out at a gym and Carter carries her ministry there. The people there know her by name. I found her to be a very caring and thoughtful lady and she feels at this time in her life this is what she is meant to do.

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