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Our View — Props to CIS

Sometimes students need a little extra help, a little extra motivation.

Communities in Schools of Lincoln County is here to provide that service through a number of initiatives, including an elective class at each of the county’s middle schools and three of the four county high schools focused on providing students the extra support they need to be successful.

Lincoln County CIS Executive Director Billy Marsh said, in a story in Monday’s edition about the organization’s first “Be a Hero Art Auction” fundraiser held Friday, that the group is in the “giving hope” business for local kids. Mentors visit with students enrolled in the elective once a week with the aim of helping them attain their goals and meeting their physical and emotional needs.

Middle- and high-school students are experiencing the most influential and difficult years of their young lives, and every bit of encouragement is absolutely necessary to ensure they grow into happy, healthy, functioning adults. Some of these students face challenges outside of the classroom that most of us could only imagine.

It’s also true, at the same time, that teachers, administrators and guidance counselors, who in many cases are already overworked, simply don’t have the time to always direct one-on-one, personalized attention to each student who needs it. The importance of an organization to fill those gaps is obvious.

But, like any other nonprofit organization, Communities in Schools of Lincoln County can always use more volunteers and more donations. We can’t think of a better way for the community and its members to have a positive impact on the future than helping these students reach the things they strive for.

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