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Bonnie’s creamy creation


Guest Columnist

During lunch one afternoon I asked Bonnie Whitaker Klyce if there was a moment in her life she would never forget. I had not seen her for a while so we spent some time catching up, and then she told me making her own skin cream is something she will never forget. She handed me a gift bag and when I looked inside, there was a beautiful Estee Lauder jar filled with a pink, very lightly scented cream.

Bonnie said she started making her own skin cream because she was tired of paying exorbitant prices for creams that irritated her face, had a smell that bothered her or she didn’t like the consistency of. She said she started reading books and researching and came up with a recipe to make her own cream. She also puts a little bit of lavender in it, which gives it a nice scent. She said she wanted it be good for her skin so she was careful what she put into it.

Bonnie said she started selling her cream about five years ago. Prior to that she had used it for two years. She said she didn’t share it with anyone until she took a jar to work. After the women said they wanted to buy some from her, she began selling it. She said she couldn’t afford to buy all the ingredients and just give it away. She put it in 8-ounce jars and sold each jar for $10. She calls her cream “Lo Lo.” Bonnie’s best friend’s granddaughter had a baby and the baby was just beginning to talk. After her bath the baby wanted “Lo Lo” on after her bath. She said it was Bon Bon’s cream. This was the baby’s name for Bonnie.

Bonnie told me she found a company in Seattle and ordered 144 jars, which was their minimum order. She filled the jars with her cream and all of them sold just by word of mouth from the people using it

Bonnie said, “I love the Estee Lauder jars and began looking on the Internet for them. Since then I buy them whenever I see them. I’ve paid anywhere from $2 to $35 just for the jars. I’ve only given six of the Estee Lauder jars away because I save these for very special people who have made an impression on my life.”

At this point in our conversation I felt honored to have in my gift bag an Estee Lauder jar with 16 ounces in it.

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