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ECA getting ready for pie


Staff Writer

Members of Lincoln County’s Extension and Community Association, a group of volunteers for the N.C. Cooperative Extension, will offer citizens a savory and sweet taste-testing treat this Thursday. The event coincides with National Pie Day, a holiday celebrated every Jan. 23.

According to Event Chair Lucille Johnson, Lincoln County has taken part in celebrating one of the country’s most beloved desserts for the past 17 years.

“We use the event as a PR tool to let the community know about the projects the Extension and Community Association does,” Johnson said.

According to Interim County Extension Director Melinda Houser, participants will have the opportunity to sample approximately 40 different types of pie.

“We’ll have sweet pies, savory pies, all types of pies,” Houser said.

While samples of the pie are free, those interested in the recipes will need to pay three dollars for the recipe booklet. Although many of the pies are made by Extension and Community Association members, community members are also allowed to bring their pies and publish their recipes in the booklet.

“Tasting all of the pies is a meal in and of itself,” Houser said. “A lot of people get together and have a great time.”

“It’s a lot of work for the people who make the pies, but it’s a fun day,” Johnson said.

The pies will be served at the Citizens Center in downtown Lincolnton from noon-2 p.m. Records show that past years have brought almost 200 people together for the celebration, so Houser advises attendees to arrive early.


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