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OUR VIEW — Child Advocacy Center deserves full support from state


Managing Editor

A story in Friday’s edition detailed how the Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse’s Child Advocacy Center received a $6,000 donation from The Backyard Players at Verdict Ridge, and we commend the theater group’s support of this vital organization.

CAC Director Sherry Reinhardt told us that private donations like those from the Backyard Players are becoming an increasingly important part of the organization’s funding, given deeper and deeper cuts at the state level.

State funding cuts to groups like the Coalition Against Child Abuse are simply unacceptable. North Carolina’s government has a duty to support organizations that do good in the world, that make it their mission to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

The Republican General Assembly has made it its business to curtail spending in the state, to do away with unnecessary or redundant regulation and to generally enact conservative social and fiscal policies. Obviously, opinions about that perspective vary, but we can all agree that there are certain principles and certain organizations that deserve unfettered financial support from the state government. Anyone who has looked at their paycheck recently to see how much of our hard-earned money the state deducts can tell it should have enough money to support the groups that matter.

But that may be being a bit idealistic. The fact is that it’s doubtful that the spending cuts to groups like the CAC will end any time soon. Since that’s the case, it’s important that more private groups and organizations step up and offer support to these groups.

Every citizen of Lincoln County has an interest in protecting the children of the county. They truly are our future, and if we don’t protect them, no one else will.

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