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My childhood hobby


Guest Columnist

By an anonymous Lincoln County citizen

Many of us living in Lincolnton know this citizen. I have chosen to keep his identity anonymous due to the value of what he has in his possession. He had a childhood hobby that brought him quite a treasure.

He and I were talking about the book I had written and he made the comment that he had always enjoyed writing. After I questioned him about the type of writing he was interested in, he told me the following story.

“When I was a child I bought a book about baseball players. The book contained names and addresses for hundreds of these players. I was a collector of baseball cards, as are most young boys. I decided to write to them and see if they would autograph their baseball card and send it back to me. At the time I wrote to them they were not famous, but in later years some of them became great names in the history of baseball. At that time I had no idea what the value of these cards would be someday.

“I would select a baseball card and mail the card to the appropriate player, ask him to autograph it for me and send it back. I went so far as to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for them to return it in. I was delighted at the number of autographed cards returned to me. In my collection I possess over 600 autographed baseball cards.”

I commented to this citizen that he was in possession of a wonderful treasure and I hope it was safely tucked away. He assured me it is very safely vaulted away where it is completely safe.

It’s stories like this that make me wish children today would apply themselves to a task such as this one instead of playing computer games and watching so much TV. Who would have ever thought this hobby would lead to such a wonderful adventure for a young boy and a treasure any man would love to have?

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