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Reader’s Forum — 1/17/14

Thanks for the coverage
The Lincolnton Lions Club would like to express our thanks to the Lincoln Times-News for reporting our 15th Annual Lions Club Christmas Party/Luncheon For Lincoln County’s Visually Impaired People ( VIPs) in Boger City United Methodist Church’s Fellowship Hall. Tammy Loukos, Lincoln County Social Worker for the Blind with the NC Division of Services For The Blind, secured permission from her clients to share their contact information for us to invite them to attend our Annual Lions Club VIP Party.
Without the support of the following benefactors, our 15th Annual VIP Party/Luncheon wouldn’t been possible. Individuals, businesses, colleges/universities, health care providers, and restaurants who either made a financial contribution, donated door prizes, or “goody bag items.”  BCUMC men and ladies for catering the luncheon. Adrienne Reece and Bonnie Edwards for their entertainment. The owners of Ride-A-Bike Bicycle Shoppe and Lincoln Printing Services for donating an adult bicycle and donating the printing services for raffle tickets. Proceeds from our Lions Bicycle Raffle supported our VIP Christmas Party and our VIP Children’s Summer Program. Dean Hastings, owner of Specialized Transports, and his staff for transporting our VIP’s and their families to and from their VIP Christmas Party at no charge. Our members for their dedication and hard work ensuring that our VIP’s Christmas Party/Luncheons success.
Faye Poovey
President of Lincolnton
Lions Club

Support for Punch
I went to my first City Council meeting recently. Though I live in the county, when city and county tax money is used to fund an event like Hog Happening, both taxpayers can voice their opinion. Hog Happening started out years ago as a family event to look at Motorcycles parked for show, and a few vendors. The last year or so it’s gotten way out of hand, and depending on what your morals are, it’s not fit for kids to be around because of the alcohol drinking, and half-naked women, not to mention the burnout marks left on the backstreet later. I spoke against the way it’s been allowed to escalate from a halfway decent family affair, to a small-scale drunk bike rally.
I’ve seen a breakdown of how the money was spent for last year’s Hog Happening, which was “a lot.” I’m not an “over-educated” man, but I think if the event was scaled back, some of that money could be given to the city fire department to possibly hire another fireman, which they could use, or given to some of the county volunteers, of whom they all put their lives on the line for us. Or I’m sure our Sheriff, who has done an outstanding job cracking down on meth labs, could use that money in his continuing efforts to keep the drugs out of our schools and away from our kids.
The second reason I went was to show my support, along with other veterans, for Dale Punch, whose name was slandered recently by a member of the Hog Happening committee. I’m not going to fight another man’s fight, but I want to say that few folks have done as much for our community and no one has done more for our Hometown Veterans and Veterans abroad as Mr. Dale Punch has. Dale is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He Commanded Post 30 of the American Legion here in Lincolnton for years, and did an outstanding job. He’s a Christian family man of whom his patriotism can never be contested, and a true “Man’s Man.” His Patriotism was recognized by being awarded the “Stonewall Jackson Award” at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is a very prestigious award, given to him for his patriotism and all he’s done for veterans. Dale is chairman of the Special Events Committee with the Medal of Honor Program, and World War 2 Appreciation Day. He invites Medal of Honor recipients to our schools to speak with our kids.
As far as the American Legion goes, Post 30 is always represented in our local parades, and has a free hot dog lunch for the public after the Veteran’s Day parade each year. It’s a good organization to be a member of, if eligible, and does a lot of good for the community, including helping to send promising young men (rising seniors) to Trooper School. A lot of the members, myself included, are members of the American Legion because of the invitations extended to us by Dale himself.
I haven’t even scratched the surface on Mr. Punch’s achievements or the good influence he’s had on so many Veterans and civilians alike. I want it known to all, that not only is it my “pleasure” to call Dale my friend, but it’s even more of an “Honor” to know he considers me one of his.
Pyth Harkey

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