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Partnership for Children releases financial report


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The Partnership for Children of Lincoln & Gaston Counties released its 2013 Fiscal Year Annual Report earlier this week. According to its website, the nonprofit organization works to bring community groups together to serve the needs of children from birth to five years of age.

In its report, the organization listed that its total net funding amounted to $4,665,236.39. The majority of the funding went toward early childcare and education, totaling to $3,117,005.06. Grant spending totaled to $863,697.30 and Family Support spending totaled to 179,132.88. The year’s report shows an increase in total funding when compared to the 2010-2011 Partnership for Children of Lincoln and Gaston Counties Report, which listed $4,097,628.78 in total funds. At the time of publication, the 2011-2012 report was not available online for comparison.

Over the past year, the organization focused their its on assisting child care facilities in achieving and maintaining a higher standard of care. During that time, it provided Technical Assistance on health, nutrition, sanitation and safety for 57 child care facilities. There were 3,628 children enrolled in facilities being served by Child Care Health Consultants in Lincoln and Gaston Counties.

The nonprofit also worked with families to improve their parenting skills and worked to improve awareness and enrollment in health services. Approximately 114 families received parenting help through the organization’s family support series. Forty-two providers in 12 practices received updated information regarding early intervention including screening and referral processes.

Executive Director Michael Linker and Board Chair Carrie Minnich addressed in the report changes made in their governance process.

“In an effort to enhance the Partnership’s governance process, our Board of Directors decided to change to an optional governance model approved by the North Carolina Partnership for Children,” Linker and Minnich wrote.

They explained that the switch to the optional model would allow greater flexibility in meeting the needs of the children and families served. However, board membership will continue to represent local government, services, businesses and the community.

Last year’s Performance-Based Incentive System Report highlighted that lead teacher education in child care centers and homes needed improvement. According to Linker and Minnich, the Board of Directors opted to enhance the organization’s Quality Sustainability Program with additional funding to support financial incentives for teachers to pursue higher education. The board believes that doing so will provide higher lead teacher education levels, greater teacher retention, and a higher quality of education in both childcare centers and homes. So far, 80 providers in 45 childcare facilities received financial incentives for earning college credit, impacting 2,500 children through their Individual Professional Development Program.

Those interested in a copy of the annual report can pick one up at the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, the Gaston County Chamber of Commerce or the Montcross Area Chamber of Commerce. A PDF version of the report is also available online at http://www.pfclg.com/communications.html.



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