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Editor’s Note: A hectic year, and looking forward to the next one

Managing Editor

I started 2013 as the sports editor here at the Lincoln Times-News, enjoying my station and the fact that a big part of my job was going out and watching games on a daily basis.
That lasted all of about three months. I received a phone call on a Wednesday morning from our former managing editor, telling me that he was resigning from the paper, and I could see the handwriting on the wall at that moment. I had a feeling I’d be given stewardship over the news department, a responsibility I do not take lightly at all, and just a short time later I was named managing editor.
Fast forward to today — we have a new government/business reporter, a new sports editor and a new photographer, all of whom are working hard and doing a fantastic job. Our online presence is larger. And I’ve heard from numerous members of the community, who I have great respect for, that our news content is as good as it’s ever been.
But we’re still moving forward, and here is where our experience applies across the spectrum.
I hope that 2014 can be a year of progress, not only for this paper, but for this county, the larger community and our country. We all have a duty to continue to refine ourselves, to amplify the good and toss away the bad that’s inherent in all of us. When we stop doing that, we become like stagnant water. And my fellow trout fishermen know what stagnant water looks like.
I hope you have a Happy New Year and had a Merry Christmas. If you have a hot news tip or a comment about our coverage in the coming year, I hope you’ll give me a call.

Michael Gebelein is managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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